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Mehndi Design is a beautiful and traditional form of temporary body art using henna paste. It’s usually applied on the backside of the hand. The Design comprises intricate patterns, shapes, and motifs. It makes hands look attractive and stylish.Have you ever wondered if a charming scope of “Back Hand Mehndi Design” exists? You know how to see the delicate patterns dancing on young palms. Discover a world where hands become canvases of wonder. Please grab a cup of coffee and learn all about it in this article.

It is a beautiful art where artists create intricate patterns on the back of the hand using henna paste. It’s a traditional form of body art popular in many cultures. People use it for special occasions like weddings, festivals, and celebrations. The designs range from simple to elaborate, adding a touch of elegance and charm to the hands. It’s fun to explore and appreciate this wonderful tradition.


The Back Hand Mehndi Design is an ancient art from India. It began long ago when people used henna to paint their hands for special occasions and festivals. Over time, the Design evolved with different patterns and styles. As time passed, people began to draw intricate and beautiful patterns instead of simple designs.

The art spread to other countries, too, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Middle East. Talented artists create stunning designs that tell stories and symbolize good luck and happiness. The history of Design is a journey through time. People all over the world cherish it because of its beauty and tradition.

Red Mehndi Design

Start with a simple flower in the middle. Add petals around it. Draw leaves on both sides. Make curvy lines and dots to fill the gaps. Then, add more small flowers nearby. Connect them with more curves and dots. Make sure the Design is symmetrical on both hands. It’s fun and creative to try different shapes and patterns. But remember to be gentle while applying. Ask for help from grown-ups if needed. Enjoy the beautiful red Mehndi design you create.  Show it to friends and family.

In the picture shown are the hands of a woman with very beautiful red mehndi designs on her palms. This henna is usually made from natural, dark orange to red. Rubbing the Menhdi leaves on the skin for a long time intensifies its color.

Mehndi Design Yellow

Mehndi Design Yellow is a beautiful pattern with yellow henna on the hands or feet. In India, people apply a paste and then let it dry to create a piece of art. The yellow color looks vibrant and pretty. People use it during special celebrations like weddings or festivals.

The designs can be flowers, swirls, or other cool shapes. Girls and women often love getting it, but boys can enjoy it too. It’s like a temporary tattoo but with natural colors. Mehndi Design Yellow brings joy and happiness to everyone around.

Black Mehndi Pattern

Black Mehndi Pattern is a cool and trendy design drawn on the skin using henna. It’s like temporary tattoos but in dark black color. The patterns are intricate and fun to look at. They’re popular during festivals and special occasions. Girls and boys both enjoy getting Mehndi done. The artists use cones to make the designs feel like drawing with a pen.

The patterns can be flowers, swirls, and other shapes. After some time, the black Mehndi starts to fade away, and that’s when you can try a new design if you want. It’s fun to add creativity to your style without any permanent marks. Everyone loves the cool and artistic look of black Mehndi.

Types of Mehndi Designs

Below, we have described all the types of Mehndi in detail and presented their types in pictorial form.

Front Hand Mehndi Design

A Front Hand Mehndi Design is a beautiful piece of art on your hand. It’s easy and fun to make. Start with a clean hand, then draw simple shapes like circles, lines, and dots using a henna cone. Connect them to create flowers and leaves. Try making a peacock or a sun too. 

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, and practice makes perfect. Let it dry for a few hours, and then rub it off. You’ll have a cool and colorful design on your hand. Show it to your friends and family, and they’ll love it. Mehndi is a great tradition; you can learn to make even more awesome designs as you grow up.

Leaf Stem Henna Motif

The “Leaf Stem Henna Motif Mehndi Design” is a cool pattern for your hands. It’s like a tattoo but not permanent. You’ll love it. First, wash your hands and dry them well. Get some henna paste and a small cone. Hold the cone like a pen and start drawing.

Make leaf shapes with stems like tiny branches. Connect them to make a beautiful design. Take it slow and steady. Let it dry for 1-2 hours. Please don’t touch it. After it dries, scrape it off gently. You have a fantastic henna design on your hand. Show it off to your friends and have fun. Remember, it will fade away in a week or two.

Difficult Henna Pattern

Intricate Henna Patterns challenge me. The delicate lines twist and turn, creating beautiful designs on the skin. It’s like solving a puzzle with my hands. Drawing swirls, dots, and flowers makes my fingers feel like artists. Each stroke requires patience and steady hands. Sometimes, my concentration wavers, and I need to correct things.

But I don’t give up; I keep practicing until perfection. I love the earthy smell of henna and the feel of the paste sliding on my skin. When the patterns dry and reveal their deep red color, proud of my creation. The difficulty makes it even more rewarding. Henna art is magical and fun, and I can’t wait to show my skills to my friends.

Simple Henna Pattern

Draw a straight line from the top to the bottom. Add three small dots on one side. Now, draw a semi-circle around the dots. Repeat on the other side. Connect the semi-circles with a curved line at the bottom. Make tiny “V” shapes inside the semi-circles. Draw small leaves along a straight line. Add dots around the leaves. Finish by adding dots on the remaining empty spaces. There you go – a simple henna pattern.

Dulhan Mehndi Design

It’s like a special henna tattoo for weddings. Brides put it on their hands and feet. The designs are intricate and look amazing. It’s an old tradition that makes brides look even more pretty. The designs have flowers, paisleys, and other patterns. Brides feel happy and excited to get Mehndi done.

The dark color of Mehndi makes them feel special. It’s like magic. Mehndi is also a sign of good luck. Everyone enjoys applying Mehndi at weddings. It’s a fun part of the celebration. Brides love to show off their Mehndi to friends and family. It’s a wonderful way to start a new journey in life.

Indian Mehndi Design

Beautiful patterns were drawn on hands using henna paste. It’s a traditional art in India for weddings and festivals. The designs are intricate and colorful. Girls love to get Mehndi on their palms and feet. People apply the henna paste with cones and dry it to create lovely designs.

Popular motifs include flowers, paisleys, and peacocks. It’s fun and safe to apply. Just be patient while it dries, and don’t smudge it. Scraping off the dried paste after a few hours, they left behind the Mehndi design. It lasts for a few weeks, and everyone admires the art. So, if you see someone with beautiful henna on their hands, you know it’s Indian Mehndi.

Foot Mehndi Design

A Foot Mehndi Design is a cool way to decorate your feet. Follow these easy steps. First, wash your feet clean. Then, ask a grown-up to draw simple patterns with henna paste on your feet. It might tickle a bit, but it’s fun. Let it dry for a few hours. Be patient once dry; peel off the dried henna to reveal the Design. You did it; show off your cool Foot Design to your friends and family. Henna is safe, but don’t put it in your mouth or eyes. Have a blast with your unique foot art.

Mehndi Designs for fingers

  • Mehndi designs for fingers are cool and colorful patterns drawn on your fingers with a special paste.
  • Girls often apply these designs during weddings or festivals to make their hands look pretty.
  • You can find simple designs like flowers, leaves, and dots or more intricate ones with peacocks and paisleys.
  • To apply, squeeze the paste from a cone and draw the Design on your fingers.
  • Please wait for it to dry, then scrape it off to reveal the beautiful Design.
  • Remember to be patient and take your time to get the perfect mehndi art on your fingers.
  • It’s a fun activity with friends and family; everyone will admire your artistic skills.

Love Mehndi Pattern

It is a beautiful design for hands. It’s made with love and care. The pattern has hearts, flowers, and swirls. When you put it on your hand, it looks amazing. The colors are usually brown or reddish. People wear it on special occasions like weddings or festivals. Girls love to have it on their hands.

Even boys can try it for fun. You can find many designs online or ask someone to draw them. It’s a great way to show your creativity and spread love. Be careful not to smudge it before it dries. Enjoy the lovely Mehndi pattern, and have a blast at the event.

Floral Mehndi Design

A “Floral Mehndi Design” is a beautiful art on hands. It’s like painting with henna paste. It’s popular at weddings and festivals. To make one, first, clean your hands. Then, squeeze the henna cone and draw simple flowers with leaves. Start with a circle for the center and add petals around it. Connect them with tiny lines for the flowers to look complete. 

Next, make some leaves around the flowers. Draw small lines to represent the veins in the leaves. Repeat this pattern on each hand and let it dry for a few hours. Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect at first; keep trying. It’s fun and looks amazing once it dries.

Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi designs are beautiful patterns drawn on hands and feet. They are popular in many cultures. To create one, you need henna, which is a natural dye. Start by drawing simple lines and curves on your palm. Then, add small dots and shapes around them. Remember to be patient and take your time.

Ask an adult for help if needed. These designs can last a few weeks, so it’s essential to be careful while drying. Have fun and be creative with your Mehndi. Practice, and you’ll become an expert in no time. Enjoy this traditional art form and share it with your friends and family.

Kids Mehndi Design

Here’s a cool Kids Mehndi Design for you. Start with a simple circle in the middle of your hand. Draw smaller circles around it and add tiny dots inside. Connect the dots with straight lines to make petals. Add a big dot on top and smaller ones on the sides to create a flower. Make leaf shapes besides the flower. Draw curved lines to connect them. On your fingers, make small dots and lines for a beautiful pattern.

How to Make Henna Motifs

First, mix henna powder with water to create a smooth paste to make henna motifs. Then, choose a design you like. Start with simple shapes like dots, lines, and flowers. Use a plastic cone or a small bag with a tiny hole to apply the henna on your skin. Be careful not to smudge the Design while it dries.

Wait for about 2 hours to let the henna set on your skin. When it’s dry, scrape off the dried henna. Avoid water for the next 6-8 hours to let the color deepen. You’ll have a beautiful henna motif on your skin. Remember to practice and have fun with different designs.


In conclusion, Back Hand Mehndi Design is a beautiful and traditional art using henna paste on the backside of the hand. It creates attractive and stylish patterns with intricate motifs. The designs are popular for weddings and festivals. There are various types of designs to explore.

Red, yellow, and black mehndi patterns offer different styles and colors. Front Hand Design is made with circles, lines, and dots. Indian Mehndi has intricate and colorful patterns. Foot Design is a fun way to decorate feet. Designs for fingers are cool and colorful patterns drawn on the fingers with a special paste.

Creating henna motifs is simple. Mix henna powder with water, apply the Design with a plastic cone, dry it for a few hours, and scrape off the dried henna. Avoid water for a while to deepen the color. Practice and have fun with different designs to become an expert in this beautiful art.

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