Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar: A Battle for Supremacy


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The ultimate battle of strength, power, and combat style is about to be unveiled. Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar analysis will help you pick a better fighter.

Have you been following the much-anticipated rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar? Want to know who is the best between the two? Stay tuned! The noise of Summerslam 2023 still is in the air. Rhodes sealed the victory by hitting Lesnar with three consecutive CrossRhodes.

You can see great excitement among people as soon as they see encounters like Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar . Both men give their best shot to put up a good show for the audience. The most recent rubber match at SummerSlam was the most memorable one.

If you’re having second thoughts about who dominates most in the ring. Here we are with a quick comparison.

Adapt a professional fighter style: Seeking inspiration from Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar

As a beginner, you can seek inspiration from the world’s most renowned fighters. Both Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar are considered the best wrestlers in the world. The excitement and popularity of most anticipated matches continue to grow.

Both wrestlers are known for their unique combat style and strength. Here’s a quick comparison between the two renowned fighters.

Did you know? Rhodes made a professional debut in 2006. He wrestled to do several promotions, which included WWE, Ring of Honor, and All Elite Wrestling.

Fighter’s profile

Cody Rhodes is a professional wrestler who was also involved in promotional wrestling. He was born on June 30, 1985, in Marietta, Georgia. Rhodes has a wrestling background and has bagged many accomplishments throughout time.

The most renowned accomplishments of Rhodes are listed below.

  • Rhodes won the WWE Intercontinental Championship multiple times.
  • Rhodes won the Tag Team Championship with different partners.
  • Cody Rhodes is one of the founders of All Elite Wrestling.

Rhodes possesses great technical skills that allow them to take control of the game. It includes grappling, submission hold, and counters. 

Brock Lesnar- was born on July 22, 1977, in Webster, South Dakota. Lesnar’s diverse fight style contributed to the success. Lesnar is well-versed in both professional boxing and MMA. There is a wide list of accomplishments that Lesnar has.

  • Lesnar started their wrestling career in 2002.
  • Lesnar became NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion in 2000.
  • Lesnar also became UFC heavyweight champion in 2008.

Moreover, Lesnar significantly impacted the MMA scene despite being less experienced. 

Did you know? Brock Lesnar is the longest WWE Universal champion, who held the title for 503 days.

Combat style

Cody Rhodes possesses a versatile combat style. He adapted to various wrestling situations and developed technical and high-flying maneuvering skills. Listed below are some of the most renowned combat styles of Rhodes.

  • Technical skills

Rhodes possesses solid technical skills. His wrestling abilities include grappling, submissions, and counters, which make him stand out. Rhodes can easily take control of any combat with his technical skills.

  • High-flying skills

Cody Rhodes is renowned for his high-flying skills in the ring. Rhodes loves executing maneuverings such as crossbodies and springboard attacks to astonish options.

  • Psychological tactics

Rhodes is a big admirer of playing mind games with opponents. It helps Rhodes manipulate and gain an edge in the ring.

  • Versatility 

Rhodes has shown great versatility over the years. He adopted a persona like Stardust, and experimenting with different abilities helped him stand out.

Lesnar’s combat style

  • Explosive starts

Lesnar often starts his match with explosive bursts and closes the distance quickly to engage with opponents. 

  • Power strikes

Lesnar is renowned for his powerful punches, elbow, and knee strikes to impact opponents’ performance.

Signature moves

Cross Rhodes

CrossRhodes is one of the signature ways of finishing games. Rhodes executes it by jumping from the top of the rope and landing on his opponent’s back with his knees across their neck.

F-5 by Brock Lesnar

Known as fireman carry, this signature move is executed by picking up opponents and slamming them to the mat face-first. Lesnar uses this signature move to defeat bigger names like John Cena, Roman Reigns, and The Undertaker.

Strategies and game plan

Rhodes strategic approach

  • Ring awareness

Rhodes takes advantage of the ring environment to position himself. 

  • Exploiting openings

Rhodes’ strategic thinking helps identify openings in the defense and target them.

Lesnar strategic mindset

  • Exploiting opponents weakness

Lesnar exploited opponents’ vulnerabilities to take the lead. He adjusted his tactics to exploit openings in the defense.

  • Adaptable approach

Lesnar adapts different combat styles to per their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Clash highlights

Both Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar encountered one another from time to time. Here’s a list of their popular encounters.

  • WrestleMania Backlash 2023: Lesnar won by pinfall after hitting Rhodes with an F5.
  • Night of Champions 2023: Rhodes won by submission after Lesnar injured his arm, and Rhodes applied the Kimura Lock.
  • SummerSlam 2023: Rhodes won by pinfall after hitting Lesnar with three consecutive CrossRhodes.

Both Rhodes and Lesanr possess great combat skills. To know more about these two renowned boxers, consult the FAQ section.


What are some possible scenarios that could unfold during the fight?

Possible scenarios can unfold like Rhodes might use distance and use agility to avoid close-range encounters. On the other hand, Lesnar might attempt to close this distance to control Rhodes.

How can a fighter’s environment impact a fighter’s performance?

A fighter’s environment consists of a venue, crowd, and atmosphere. All these combined can influence a fighter’s mindset. It can either motivate them or make them feel pressured.

What are the key differences between both fighters’ styles?

Cody Rhodes is known for technical skills, finesse, and versatility in the ring. In comparison, Lesnar is recognized for immense strength, power, and rich background in wrestling and MMA.


The match anticipated clash of Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar is surely an entertaining one. With the above comparison, you can easily choose your favorite. Fighting like a pro boxer does take time and effort. 

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 Get inspired by the signature moves of Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar, and create yours today!

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